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Why Geothermal

Choosing Geothermal is a Smart Idea!

There are two main reasons people consider switching to geothermal for heating and cooling their homes and businesses. First, they’re tired of paying out of control utility bills that will only climb higher as their HVAC equipment gets older. Second, they’d like to know they are helping create a greener world by using only renewable energy.

As if heating and cooling your home or business by transferring sun-generated heat to and from the earth weren't enticing enough, there’s more. You can install geothermal radiant in-floor heating, especially delightful on those chilly South Carolina mornings. You can also enjoy unlimited hot water, year-round with the addition of a water heating component.

Comfort isn't the end of the story, though. Your wallet will also enjoy some much-needed relief when you see your utility bills shrinking. Because your monthly savings will add up quickly, you’ll have your investment in the new system back in no time, and continue seeing significant savings as you enjoy your virtually maintenance-free and dependable geothermal system.

Carolina Temperature Control Is Proud to Offer WaterFurnace Geothermal Systems

You can’t beat WaterFurnace. It’s green. It’s powerful. It’s efficient and cost-effective. Renewable energy is not only more eco-friendly than using fossil fuels; it’s also highly efficient. Even the government, on local, state, and federal levels, is a fan of geothermal. Significant tax breaks and rebates are available for homeowners and business owners who switch to geothermal.

While geothermal is a great idea, no matter what appeals most to you about it, you've probably got questions about whether it will work well for you. The best way to find out for sure is to call Carolina Temperature Control.
Call 843-651-6000 today, and be on your way to heating and cooling with the power of the sun.

Wondering how geothermal works?

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