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Mini-Split Systems

Providing Customized Mini-Split Systems to Keep Your Zones Comfortable

mini split systems

Mini split systems are set up much like split systems, with an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. Mini split systems are typically smaller than traditional split systems, with fewer links to indoor units. The inside fan units work with the outdoor condenser and compressor to create a comfortable indoor environment with moisture and temperature control, plus optimum air circulation. Small copper tubes are used instead of air ducts for cool and warm air transfer, which makes mini split systems quick and easy to install. A mini split system also filters out pollutants like pollen and dust, which improve your indoor air quality.

The efficiency of a mini split system is far better than a central air system or a window unit, largely because the system can be programmed to only run the zones being used at any given time of day. For instance, a mini split system can be programmed so that only the bedrooms are being heated or cooled when everyone is sleeping during the nighttime hours; the rest of your zones can be programmed to turn on at the time when everyone wakes up in the morning.

Carolina Temperature Control can install mini split systems in just about any building, including homes, offices, schools, industrial properties, and more.

Trane is the manufacturer we recommend most often, but we are able to service any other brand of mini split system. Our professionals will work with you to ensure that you select the best mini split system to meet your heating and cooling needs. We know that conserving energy and saving money are important factors to consider when choosing an HVAC system, which is why an efficient and customizable mini split system may be your best choice.

Whether you choose a mini split system or another type of HVAC system, Carolina Temperature Control promises to deliver expert installation, regular maintenance, and repair services necessary to keep your indoor environment comfortable for years to come.

Call (843) 651-6000 now to learn more about the mini split systems we sell, install, and service.

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