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What HVAC Companies Will Tell You About Your Energy Loss Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can HVAC companies help you save money?

Utility Costs for HVAC

If your utility costs are spinning out of control, experienced HVAC companies can help you bring them back under control. With the help of an energy audit, you can find out where your money is going, in terms of energy use and efficiency. Are you paying to heat and cool the great outdoors or are leaks in your ductwork releasing conditioned air into the wrong areas of your home? Is a build-up of pressure keeping your furnace from heating your home, or is a sensor placed in the wrong place for accurate temperature control? An audit helps solve those mysteries.

When Quality Counts

The one caveat to hiring HVAC companies to perform an energy audit is, of course, an issue of quality. Experienced and reputable businesses can complete thorough audits in just a few hours. They employ trained, certified technicians with an eye for red flags associated with everything from bad wiring to gaps in insulation. More importantly, they have the equipment needed to follow up on those concerns to quickly prove or disprove them.

Audit Recommendations

If your energy use is spiking, there’s a reason, so expect the audit to come back with specific problems calling for adjustments or repairs. These can be very simple, such as switching the brand of air filter you use, or you could be encouraged to replace your HVAC system for a newer, more efficient model before it breaks down. You don’t have to worry about a reputable company encouraging unnecessary repairs. They’ll be too busy addressing your real problems.

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