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A/C on the Blink? Try These Top 3 A/C Troubleshooting Techniques from HVAC Experts Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

You don’t have to be an HVAC technician to get relief from all your problems.

Try These Top 3 A/C Troubleshooting Techniques from HVAC ExpertsYour HVAC technician plays an important role in the health of your home’s heating and cooling equipment. But that doesn’t mean a professional is always needed to solve your problems. There are a few common hiccups you can handle on your own. Some serve as permanent solutions, while others will keep you going until a technician can get to your home.

1. When Your AC Won’t Start

In the sweltering South Carolina heat, it makes sense to panic when your air conditioner is on the blink, but there are several reasons your AC might not start. First, check the breaker or fuse to your unit. If electricity isn’t getting to your system, it won’t turn on. Also make sure your thermostat is running. Your air conditioner won’t start without being told it’s too hot in your home.

If you’re still not getting any response when you turn the temperature down, make sure the vents are cleared of leaves and other debris. Also make sure all service panels are sealed correctly. Sometimes, when changing a filter, it’s easy to forget to shut the filter compartment completely, and your system will refuse to turn on.

2. When Your Air Conditioner Runs for a Very Long Time

If there’s a problem with your air conditioning turning off and on, it’s usually that it’s going through those cycles too quickly. This “short cycling” is a warning sign that you need immediate repairs. But the opposite – that your AC is always running – is a warning that you can try tackling yourself. This might be a sign you need to change your filter or switch to a filter with a different design. Thick, dense filters can make your system work harder than normal to cool your home.

3. When Your AC Won’t Cool Your Home

Often, this is a sign of a serious problem requiring the help of a qualified HVAC technician. However, the cause could be much simpler than you think. If your outdoor AC unit is filled with weeds, leaves, or other debris, it may be too dirty to run sufficiently. A high-powered hose can help you clear obstructions out of the way, allowing air and blades to move freely.

Your heating and cooling system requires seasonal maintenance and can seriously drain your budget when you let problems get worse. Still, there are a few times when an HVAC technician isn’t needed to get or keep your system up and running. Try these fixes before you schedule repairs, but if they don’t work, don’t delay calling a trusted repair shop for help.

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