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The Best Ways to Protect Your Home Heating and Cooling This Fall Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can you maximize your heating and cooling costs?

Heating and CoolingBefore you suffer heating and cooling breakdowns, invest in preventative maintenance checks through a reliable HVAC company. Carolina Temperature Control has a trustworthy and talented staff that can help you spot problems before they cost you big money. In addition, these visits include system adjustments that will improve system efficiency, maximizing the services you get for every dollar spent.

DIY vs. Professional Preventative Maintenance

We know people from the Grand Strand take pride in their homes and are used to doing what it takes to keep them in good condition. Maintaining your HVAC system is fairly easy. Staying up-to-date on the latest maintenance methods, upgrading equipment to take advantage of effective, new techniques and having the specialized training to notice warning signs, however, takes special training.

We know how frustrating it can be to hire out what seems like a simple task, so you can count on CTC maintenance trips to remain affordable. If we see something worth repairing or if your system is due for replacement, we’ll give you an honest opinion. You just don’t have to worry about surprising fees or being pestered by requests for unnecessary repairs. In fact, CTC’s Blue Protection maintenance plan includes a 15 percent discount in labor and parts, just in case we find any problems.

Let us put our talent to use in safeguarding your home for the cold months ahead. Schedule a preventative maintenance visit today. Sign up for one of our maintenance plans for long-term security and savings.

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