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Worried About the Cost of Heating Service? 3 Reasons a Preventative Maintenance Plan is the Key to a Warm Winter Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Handle Heating Service and Repair During Warmer Times of Year

Worried About the Cost of Heating Service? 3 Reasons a Preventative Maintenance Plan is the Key to a Warm Winter

Few things are worse than needing heating service and repair in the middle of a cold winter night, or spending your entire tax return replacing damaged equipment. A sensible maintenance plan will help you avoid hasty, expensive repairs while managing to keep your home reliably warm all winter long.

Here are three reasons happy homeowners prefer preventive maintenance:

1. Big Savings – Emergency heating services usually cost more than scheduled visits, especially when visits are necessary outside of normal work hours. You’ll save a bundle just by scheduling repairs in advance.

2. Quality Assurance – Preventive maintenance service calls give you the opportunity to feel a company out. How serious do their techs take the job at hand? How fairly do they charge? What’s the response to having questions or concerns with quality? Before you drop significant money replacing or repairing your HVAC unit, get a chance how to see how a business conducts itself.

3. Emergency Management – You’ll be able to avoid many unexpected hiccups just by having someone look over your HVAC system before winter sets in. Many of the tell-tale signs of problems can be detected early on. Hiring a company for regular maintenance also means you’ll have pros nearby who are familiar with your equipment in case there is a break down.

There are several good reasons preventive maintenance is worth a pound of cure. Saving money, investing in quality heater service and repair, and avoiding emergencies are right at the top of the list.

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Looking at Heating and Cooling? Why A Packaged System is Right for You Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Packaged Sets Save Money and Help Your Heating and Cooling System Last

Looking at Heating and Cooling? Why A Packaged System is Right for You

Heating and cooling systems work together to create a pleasant temperature throughout your home. It's not uncommon for part of your HVAC system to be much older than the other.

Until recently, manufacturers didn't make packaged units. They treated heating and cooling like completely separate departments instead of a comprehensive climate control system.

Today, we know having two compatible units of the same age offers important benefits. For instance, you could take advantage of the following:

Lower Initial Costs

Heating and cooling systems are more expensive when purchased separately than in a package. By buying a furnace and air conditioner as a comprehensive unit, you wind up with savings on both.

You'll also save on installation as less labor will be used in set up, cleanup, and other aspects when a tech is installing both pieces of equipment in the same visit.

Improved Comfort

When heating and cooling units work together as one, both will put forth the effort to keep your home feeling just the way you'd like it. You get more efficient use out of your HVAC system as a whole.

You also have the opportunity to add in helpful features like humidity control and air filtration to help maintain a safe and comfortable home.

Increased Property Value

Updated HVAC systems, like packages consisting of matched air conditioners and heating units, offer buyers something interesting. They help your house stand out and add lasting value to your property.

They also raise the perception of your home's value across the board, because if you've taken time to do the best in one area, buyers assume the same is true throughout your home.

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Give Me 10 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About HVAC Companies in the Grand Strand Area Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Select the Right HVAC Company for Your Needed Repairs

The Grand Strand area is home to a diverse selection of HVAC companies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Getting the biggest bang for your buck will take careful consideration. Settling for whoever is available when you dial is an excellent way to wind up with bigger bills.

Grand Strand Has Residential and Commercial HVAC Specialists

Most of the HVAC companies in our area specialize in residential or commercial services. A business furnace or air conditioning system may have little in common with the one in your home. They're often more complicated and require a different set of tools to use for thorough diagnostics. Work with HVAC companies experienced in areas where you need help. They'll be quicker to recognize your problem and find a solution, saving you big money when it comes to labor.

Some Grand Strand Area HVAC Companies Have Complaints and Resolutions Listed Online

The Better Business Bureau maintains a database of customer complaints online. Even good businesses that have lots of customers wind up having problems now and then. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is how businesses deal with them.

Through the BBB, you can read thorough reviews of service providers, and see their responses first-hand. Watching how businesses deal with these kinds of issues is sometimes the easiest way of judging which business is the right one for your job.

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Heater Troubleshooting on a Budget: 9 Tips from the Great Depression Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Stay warm in a pinch with these affordable heater repair tricks

Every location doesn't have the benefit of an HVAC shop offering affordable 24-hour emergency heater repair. For those hiccups in heating that just can't wait, try these nine budget-friendly tips taken from Depression-era homeowners:

1. Check your fuses. One of the most common reasons for a furnace shutting down is simply a lack of basic power. Check your breakers or fuse box. In some homes too, the HVAC system runs off its own fuse, normally located near the furnace in the ceiling.

2. Make sure your thermostat is working properly. Many of today's new in-home tools are run on batteries and need infrequent changing. They can also suffer from their own mechanical problems. Before calling in a repair technician for heater repairs, double-check your thermostat settings and test and see if it's following other commands.

3. Test the seal on your furnace filter area. Some heater models have a door flap which is used for replacing filters. If this is replaced incorrectly and a gap is created, the difference in air pressure will prevent your system from working properly.

4. Clean debris from your outdoor vent tubing. When the piping that run from your heater to the outdoors get clogged with leaves or snow, your heater will often stop running.

5. Clear debris from the air intake tube as well. This piping often runs into the very top of your heating system and can also be clogged by leaf bits and webbing.

6. Do a system reset, essentially shutting down your furnace, unplugging it for a few minutes, plugging it in and turning it on once again.

7. Replace your furnace filters. Regardless of how reliable your brand of filters normally lasts, a struggling heating system may simply be suffering from a lack of oxygen.

8. Perform routine maintenance. This process differs a bit from model to model, but buildup in various parts of your furnace can prevent the system from working correctly. If you're handy and able to do this work on your own, your owner's manual or online tutorials can often help you get your unit up and running in no time.

9. Call a repair shop. Surprisingly, many repairs are easy enough to diagnose over the phone, but even if that isn't the case, you'll save money following these steps first. Having gone through the above steps, you can help a technician pinpoint what might be wrong with your system and save a significant amount once they're on-call.

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Welcome to the New Carolina Temperature Control Site! Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Welcome to our new site! How do you like it? Isn’t it great?

We wanted a website that was as helpful and informative as we are, while looking as friendly and familiar as our signature orange trucks. On this site, you’ll not only find information on our HVAC services, such as A/C or heating repair and installation, but also on our premium Protection Plans, geothermal products, and even current promotions.

Come back and check out this blog often, too, as we’ll be updating it with information, answers to common questions, and news!

Feel free to take some time to explore the site and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy the new website as much as we do!

P.S. Did you know we got a new generator site, too?

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