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How HVAC Filters Are Protecting Your Family Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Can using HVAC filters really reduce breathing problems?

How HVAC Filters Are Protecting Your Family
Even if you think your home is clean, there could be particles trapped inside your home that are responsible for allergies, asthma, and the spread of illness, and they can be nearly completely cleared from your home. Luckily, a combination of leading edge equipment and quality HVAC filters has been shown to reduce indoor air pollution. Allow Carolina Temperature Control to visit your family for a consultation today, and enjoy easy breathing all summer long.

Designing the Best Air Filtration System for Your Home

CTC has the equipment needed to analyze your indoor air problems and to design a system specifically for treating the pollutants plaguing your family. Mold, pesticides, fumes from plastics, and just plain dust can wreak havoc on your lungs. They can create crisis situations for people suffering from asthma, and in some cases, be the cause of asthma development.

Ensuring your home is free of these dangers requires knowledge and experience. It’s not expensive though, which surprises many homeowners. How long have you gone without clean air because you were afraid of the bill? Don’t write off the benefits of an air filtration system without first seeing a quote based on the needs of your home.

More Cost Effective Than Units You Buy on TV

Those expensive HVAC filters and devices you see on TV can be surprisingly expensive. For the money you pay for a completely generic device that does little more than make the air smell differently, you can have a customized solution to the contaminants present inside your own home.

Find the best HVAC filters and equipment for your home today. Schedule a service today.

Do You Know What's in Your Ducts? The 2 Biggest Benefits of Duct Cleaning Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How Duct Cleaning can Keep You Healthy

Do You Know What's in Your Ducts? The 2 Biggest Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is usually an afterthought or a chore that gets pushed to the wayside as other bills and tasks take priority, but if you only knew the benefits of regularly cleaning your ducts, you’d never forget to schedule this important bit of yearly maintenance. Lingering particles in your ductwork can cause allergies and illness throughout the year, as well as circulate bits of dust and grime throughout your home whenever the heat or air conditioner is on.

1. Easy Cleaning

Carolina Temperature Control has special equipment – and training – to tackle this job in as little time as possible. Most homeowners can’t say the same thing. The expensive tools associated with a thorough duct cleaning would be unreasonable for someone planning to use it once or twice a year. You actually save money by hiring the job out. For the expense, you’ll also save on time spent cleaning your home every day. Easily cut down the dust that escapes into your air each time you run your HVAC system by hiring a company to clean out your vents.

2. Easy Allergy, Cold, and Flu Prevention

With one simple call, you can ensure a season of fewer coughs, sneezes, and bouts of flu.
Let a reliable company put their skills, tools, and experience to work, clearing your ducts of harmful contaminants and dislodging nasty particles from the inner airways in your home. Stay clean and healthy with this simple, and simply affordable, service.

Contact us at http://www.orangetrucks.com/contact-us to inquire about quick and convenient duct cleaning service.

Suffering From Allergies? How an Electronic Air Cleaner Can Help Stop the Sniffling Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How the Right Air Cleaner Will Leave You Allergy Free

Suffering From Allergies? How an Electronic Air Cleaner Can Help Stop the Sniffling

Provide a comfortable, welcoming environment to family and friends regardless of the time of year with the help of a whole-house air cleaner. Breathe easy knowing nearly 100 percent of common contaminants have been removed from your indoor air. You can have that peace of mind at little cost to the environment with a high-tech, low-cost home air filtration device.

Find a Quiet, Affordable Air Cleaner

Shopping through infomercials may get you a stylish machine, but it likely won’t improve your home’s air quality. Look to trusted heating and cooling manufacturers like Trane for a high-tech filtration unit. Some of these systems use replaceable air filters, similar to those you place in your furnace or AC unit. They’re very easy to run and maintain, and remove 99.98% of allergens from your indoor air.

In contrast, an electric unit sold on television or through the local hardware store may do little more than create ozone particles to make your home smell cleaner than it is. The sniffles will return right along with the itchy noses, eyes, and throats your family desperately tries to avoid during allergy season. Avoid feeling stuffy and uncomfortable for months of the year by installing a quality HVAC air cleaner in your home today.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service or to ask about an air cleaner suited to your home and budget.

HVAC Filters and the Top Pollutants: How Air Filtration in Your Home Will Help You Breathe Easier Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

The Proper Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality Using HVAC Filters

HVAC Filters and the Top Pollutants: How Air Filtration in Your Home Will Help You Breathe Easier
Pollen season is upon us, and thousands of unsuspecting consumers will flock to hardware stores for HVAC filters meant to keep their indoor air clean. Unfortunately, they’ll be wasting their money. Prevent yourself from a fleecing while assuring your family’s able to breathe easy. Discover which products will remove allergens while maintaining the integrity of your HVAC system.

The Cost of Using the Wrong Filters

Most of the HEPA-rated air filters available on the consumer market are made for use with any heating or cooling equipment. They’re denser air filters designed to remove common allergens from vented air. They may remove particles from the air, but in the process, they restrict the flow of air through your HVAC system. This overtaxes your equipment, leading to early wear-and-tear, lower heating or cooling ability, and higher costs.

It’s quite possible to use filters to clean up your indoor air, but you need to use the right kind. The only way to determine which brands will prevent allergy flare-ups and protect your expensive heating and cooling units is by calling in professionals to run system tests. Not only do they have the knowledge and experience to do this job right, they have access to the best materials.

The expensive filters you can buy off the shelf will do little more than raise your utility bills. You can invest that money in a smarter direction by working with the pros. Take steps to protect your health and your budget today.

Schedule a service at http://orangetrucks.com/schedule-service and ask about our low prices on air quality assessments and HVAC filters.

Considering a Backup Generator? The Real Deal on the Benefits Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

What Today’s Backup Generators Will and Won’t Do

Considering a Backup Generator? The Real Deal on the Benefits

Not all backup generators are created equal. All manufacturers and models differ – sometimes significantly – and may not be able to handle your essential needs when your power goes down. Reliable, affordable units exist that can handle most residential needs.

Make sure wherever you shop for your backup generator carries models with these traits:

Quiet Operation

Backup generators of the past were loud and proud, but often too noisy to rely on inside city limits. Technology has made this a risk of the past for many models. Diesels, in particular, can run whisper quiet while handling multiple tasks. Electric models are also very quiet, but tend to get nosier with increased demand.

Automatic and Push-Button Start

Two types of starters are popular on today’s generators. An electric push-button start kicks on a unit within a few seconds. You don’t have to worry about being fast, strong or tall enough to adequately pull a start lever.

Other units are wired into your residential system, and turn on immediately when the power is cut. This is especially helpful in harsh environments, so no time needs to be spent in the elements.

Burn Efficiently

A new trend in environmentally-friendly living has given way to a flood of generators that burn alternative fuels, like biodiesel. Some units can even run on used grease from commercial grills. However, even those using traditional fuel sources have been fine-tuned to get as much power from as little material as possible, and in turn, create the least amount of pollution.

There are many real benefits to owning a backup generator, but remember, no unit is one-need-fit-all. Pinpoint what you’re looking for, and speak to a trusted dealer or HVAC service shop. They’re your best chance at finding the perfect model.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service, or to ask about our affordable, reliable backup generators.

3 Facts About Humidifiers and Why They're a Great Idea Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Buy a Humidifier to Stay Warmer and Spend Less

3 Facts About Humidifiers and Why They're a Great Idea

You may know that using a humidifier in your home’s HVAC system can help mitigate cold symptoms all winter long, but did you know humidifiers can also help maintain your home as well? Then there’s the fact that using a humidifier helps you stretch your dollars.

In other words, humidifiers are just great – but despite this, many homeowners still skip out on humidifiers and their benefits. Here are 3 of the most convincing facts about humidifiers, and why they’re a great idea for your home.

1. Moist Air Feels Warmer

Dry air collects sweat from your skin, whether you’re hot or not, and takes body heat with it. During hot and humid summers, it can feel impossible to cool down on your own. Likewise, during winter, low humidity can make you feel much colder than the temperature prepares you for. Adding a little moisture to the air in your home cuts down on the sweat wicked away from your body, allowing you to retain more of your body heat.

2. Moist Air Keeps You Healthy

Another benefit to adding moisture to your indoor air is improved health. Dry conditions can cause brittle hair, irritated eyes and sore skin. Your mucous membranes also become more sensitive and transfer germs to the body more easily. Using a humidifier will help your family fight illness and feel more comfortable all winter long.

3. Humidifiers Protect Your Belongings, Too

Just like people, furniture and other belongings are impacted by the dry air so common during the winter months. They become more prone to wear and tear. From carpet to tabletops, your valuables get protection from a certain amount of moisture being in the air. Take advantage of the benefits quickly and easily with a full-size residential unit.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service, or to ask about a humidifier, air filter, or other HVAC components.

Need Heating Service? The Insider's Guide to Heating Preventative Maintenance Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Update Your Heating Service During Preventative Maintenance

Need Heating Service? The Insider's Guide to Heating Preventative Maintenance

When you run a business, you don’t have time for the furnace to be on the fritz. Sudden breakdowns leave your employees cold and disgruntled and put your profits at risk by alienating your customers. And if you’re left in the cold while you await special parts or even replacement, you could be out of business for days.

In order to avoid this nightmare scenario, we recommend getting preventative heating maintenance. Preventative maintenance provides you with the protection you need from sudden breakdowns.

Despite its advantages, many business owners overlook a preventative maintenance plan, simply because they haven’t heard about these plans. Get the inside knowledge you need to have a competitive edge when it comes to your heating.

The Cost of Prevention

An affordable preventative heating service plan costs pennies on the dollar when compared to costly, last-minute repairs. Keeping on top of your system allows a tech to monitor operations and make any adjustments as they’re needed. You can also easily schedule the upgrades you need to reliably meet heating demands. Prevent worn parts from causing system-wide damage and expensive problems by investing in regular maintenance.

The Impact on Your Reputation

Like it or not, clients will write you off with the slightest provocation. The quality of your work isn’t the only thing impacting the working relationship. Having a unit struggle to keep your offices warm can make a big impact.

What does no heat say about a business? When you don’t have reliable heat, people assume you can’t afford your bills or you can’t afford repairs. It’s hard to trust a business to take care of you when they aren’t able to take care of themselves.

Don’t put yourself in that position. Ensure your system is always in working order by investing in regular heating service maintenance, and take care of problems before they start.

Schedule your heating service at http://orangetrucks.com/schedule-service.

The 3 Most Common Reasons for HVAC Repair During the Winter Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

HVAC Repair to Complete in the Off-Season

With all the neat bells and whistles of modern heating systems, you might think that there are lots of potential problems that take down those systems during the winter. But actually, if a heater needs repair, it’s probably for one of three reasons.

The good news is, furnaces generally provide warnings they’re about to go out, which means that watchful homeowners can save themselves more expensive repairs down the road by being alert now. Keep your eyes open for signs of the following:

1. Pilot Light Struggles to Stay Lit – A healthy pilot light on a gas furnace burns solid and has a blue flame. When it struggles to light, stay lit, or burns a different color, there is a problem.

Sometimes the issue is as simple as clearing old leaves out of the system’s air intake vent. At other times, dirty, crusty flame sensors can be responsible for the pilot light faltering or failing entirely. If you’ve never performed this job yourself, make sure you hire the job out sooner or later, or you’ll wake up one chilly winter morning without any heat.

2. Main Burners Won’t Stay Lit – After the pilot light ignites, the furnace main should burst to life whenever the thermostat sends word more heat is needed. Sometimes this happens because your thermostat needs new batteries. Other times, the thermostat is fine, and there’s a serious problem with your furnace’s gas valves, flame sensor or control board.

3. Blower Won’t Start – You can easily test if your furnace and thermostat are communicating properly by turning your HVAC system’s fan to the “on” position. If the blower doesn’t start at this point, you likely have an electrical problem. However, if the blower is coming on during this test but not during normal use, there’s a mechanical problem.

Not every repair is preventable, but hiring a company to check out your system before winter begins is an excellent time to rule out these, and similar, problems. Stay ahead of expensive repairs and nasty surprises. Talk to a professional about preventive maintenance to avoid these kinds of common repairs.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-hour service and HVAC repair.

Furnace Prices Getting You Down? How a Gas Furnace Can Save You Money, Today and Down the Road Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Discover the Biggest Factors in Furnace Prices

Furnace prices vary greatly based on features and brand. Discover how your new gas furnace can provide savings, especially over time. You’ll be amazed at all the options provided by today’s latest technology.

Checking Out Your Options

Furnaces or space heaters? Boilers or radiant heat? What kind of HVAC equipment should you use in your home? For those in cold climates, a gas furnace really is the biggest bang for your buck. Not only are you dealing with an affordable and relatively safe fuel, but you don’t have to worry about overtaxing your electric bill as temperatures drop.

Unfortunately, furnace prices can scare away even the most responsible homeowner. It isn’t easy to remember all of the savings a good model can provide. Before you settle for repairing HVAC equipment bent for retirement, consider the following:

Tax Credits and Deductions

Both state and federal income tax rates can be impacted by the purchase of high efficiency appliances. Credits take away from the taxes you owe, while deductions lower the amount of income you’ll be taxed on. While credits are preferred, deductions do make a mark. Look these possibilities over in-depth before deciding which equipment to buy.

Higher Efficiency Leads to Lower Bills

High efficiency furnaces use more of every unit of natural gas they burn to heat your home. In doing so, they use much less in order to keep your house comfortable. This drop in heating costs can quickly add up over time, giving you instant access to savings that will last throughout the life of your HVAC system.

Warranties and Purchase Incentives

When comparing furnace prices, one consideration people often miss is what HVAC shop to hire for installation. At the time of install, you can often get free or reduced rates on certain work as an incentive of giving the shop your business. You can always request them as well.

These can provide several years of preventive maintenance checks, free filters or a reduced rate on any labor required during the first five years or so after installation. It’s just one of many ways you can use to ensure your new gas furnace purchase pays for itself.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service or to discuss new furnace prices.

The 3 Biggest Benefits of a Humidifier in Your HVAC System During Cold Season Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How Your Humidifier Can Lead to Greater Comfort and Smaller Bills

A humidifier can help your home feel warmer for less. It can also aid to the health of your family and friends. Discover a variety of reasons to upgrade your HVAC system with one before the cold season ends.

1. Moist Air is Warm Air - Humans rid themselves of heat in a number of ways. The most common is through sweat. Hot moisture gets wicked away by the thirsty air, and our bodies cool. When you use a humidifier to add moisture to your environment, it takes less moisture from your skin, and in doing so, your body has an easier time of retaining heat. Your home will feel warmer even though you’re running your furnace less and burning less natural gas.

2. Moisture Keeps Noses Healthy – As your nasal passages lose moisture to the air, they become tender and irritated. This feels horrible and leaves you more open to infections like the common cold. Keeping the air moist feels more comfortable to your nose, and it helps you stay healthy.

3. Dry Air Causes Damage – While too moist of an environment is known to be a bad thing, many homeowners don’t realize too dry of an environment can also be hard on their property. Furniture finish and paint can peel. Extra dry fabrics are susceptible to extra wear. Maintaining the right humidity can impact your belongings.

Improving your HVAC system often takes an investment. Adding a humidifier pays off in a real way. You’ll feel and look better, as well as save big money.

Schedule a service with us today and ask about the benefits a humidifier can bring to your home.

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