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3 Ways Preventative Maintenance Saves You an Emergency Repair Call Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Do you really need an HVAC technician for your repairs?

3 Ways Preventative Maintenance Saves You an Emergency Repair Call

Which would you prefer – calling a repair specialist at the last minute, after your system breaks down? Or months before, to schedule a convenient preventative maintenance appointment? To avoid calling a shop when you need emergency repairs, take time to schedule preventative maintenance instead.

Avoiding last-minute repairs isn’t the only benefit of preventative maintenance. Check out what a maintenance plan through Carolina Temperature Control will do for you:

1. Provide fast and convenient maintenance management. 

Regular maintenance isn’t that intensive, but it still requires special training and tools. You can figure it out for yourself as a home or business owner, but the time and investment really isn’t worth it. Plus, you may miss things that the pros would know to look for. For less effort, you can have an expert look over your system twice a year.

2. Lessen stress.

 When temperatures rise – and the humidity makes it feel even hotter – it’s easy to start panicking over potential breakdowns. Put your worries to rest with a preventative check. Anything worn or worrisome can be scheduled for repair without your family having to sweat it out while during the wait.

3. Get cool air on demand. 

A major element to AC maintenance plans is the filter changing, clog removing, and drain checking that techs perform to ensure your unit is functioning at top efficiency. Change your home’s temperature in just minutes and lengthen the life of your HVAC system by reducing the strain it’s under when working to cool your home.

An HVAC technician can fix problems or present you with solutions before you need them. Take the second option and you’ll be more comfortable for longer and enjoy a savings in the process.

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2 Ways AC Repairs Can Boost Your Productivity Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Concentrate on the tasks at hand with lasting AC repair.

2 Ways AC Repairs Can Boost Your Productivity

It’s hard to focus when a broken AC is preventing you from getting comfortable. So schedule a service appointment with a trusted repair service. Invest money where it will do the most good, and hire a company you know will leave you feeling cool and in control.

Here are two ways AC repairs virtually pay for themselves:

1. You Stay Within Your Comfort Zone  

Modern conveniences are often more than convenient. To enjoy easy breathing, high-quality indoor air, and the relaxation found in heat-relief, it’s important to have your AC system working well. It needs to be able to respond when you need it, allowing you to take advantage of every moment you have to work.

2. You Maximize Your Efforts

The Grand Strand has special challenges for any HVAC service to tackle. It takes experience to know how to counteract the thick heat of South Carolina summers and to protect against the corrosion flowing in from the ocean. Call a qualified repair shop first so no time is wasted.

Since 1983, bright orange vans have been bringing quality service to homes in and around Myrtle Beach. The Carolina Temperature Control team is known for being fast, reliable, and dedicated to serving customers’ immediate and future needs.

Schedule a service call with CTC today.

Going Green? Explore How Geothermal Can Help Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

What are the most popular green geothermal HVAC options?

Going Green? Explore How Geothermal Can Help

Geothermal is the leader in environmentally-friendly heating and cooling options. Reliability and cost-effectiveness make it more attractive to homeowners than many green alternatives. Lower your bills up to 70% by investing in nearly energy-free HVAC control.

Geo Units are Almost Completely Fuel-Free

Traditional heating and cooling devices use fuel as a source of energy. They burn wood, propane, natural gas or take energy from a plant using materials like coal or nuclear power. Each of these sources creates pollution in the air that leaches into the air we breathe and the soil we grow our foods in.

Carolina Temperature Control offers geothermal systems possible of reducing energy usage by up to 70%. Enjoy significant financial savings while you reduce your carbon footprint. Make life on Earth more habitable for everyone without giving up the comforts of home.

Geo Systems Integrate Other Green Options Well

Environmentally-minded homeowners get additional benefits from their geothermal system. As the HVAC liquid contained in your system’s pipes absorbs heat – either from the air in your home or from the air underground – that heat can be used in any number of places. You can use it for heating and cooling, as a means of heating your water, or to provide heat to radiant flooring.

Regardless of the weather aboveground, deep within the Earth, the temperatures stay right around 60 degrees. The benefits of your geothermal system are always available, making it an excellent support to other green options, like solar or wind energy.

Schedule a service or consultation on geothermal services today. 

The Most Surprising Ways to Use an RV Gasoline Generator Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Gasoline generators open up a world of possibilities.

The Most Surprising Ways to Use an RV Gasoline Generator

Gasoline generators make it possible for people living on the road to experience fuller lives and to stay safe during emergencies. For instance, if your power cuts out in the middle of Death Valley, your goose might be cooked if it weren’t for a generator-powered A/C.

You might be surprised how useful an RV generator can be on your trips. Here are just a few examples of the ways it can be useful:

Using Your Generator to Help Make Friends

Traveling on the road presents an excellent opportunity to meet new people. Take advantage of the chance by making your camp a fun place to hang out. Offer relief from the sun, a beefed up shower, television or radio, and other creature comforts many people leave at home.

Stay Comfortable Using Your RV’s Generator

Idling your RV gets expensive fast and spits an untold amount of pollution into the air. What can you do when it’s hot or cold while you’re parked somewhere? Flip on your trusty generator and use it to regulate your site’s temperature.

Using an RV Generator to Stay Alive

It’s hard to believe, but there are still areas in the United States without cellular service, and if your RV gets stuck, you may find yourself in real danger without any way to call for help. Use a generator as a backup power source and ensure you always have the ability to get in contact with emergency services, repairmen, and pizza delivery places.

Generators run off liquid propane, diesel, natural gas, and gasoline. They come with an endless number of features too, like remote start and installation-friendly built-in units. Ask the professionals at Carolina Temperature Control for help in purchasing the right generator for your needs.

Call 843.651.6000 for CTC’s 24-Hour Service if you need help selecting, maintaining, or repairing RV generators.

How to Take Advantage of Geothermal Tax Credits Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Why does Uncle Sam say geothermal benefits are worth big bucks?

How to Take Advantage of Geothermal Tax CreditsGeothermal heating and cooling saves homeowners a bundle, but the government enjoys some benefits, too. These systems save on energy use and costs, and they cut down on pollution. They also boost green initiatives and help give your area a progressive name. Because of all the benefits they provide, geothermal HVAC systems can often be subsidized with public money like tax credits.

But what does this all mean if you’re a homeowner looking to switch to the cleaner, greener geothermal for your heating and cooling? How can you take advantage of these tax benefits? Let’s explain.

How Geothermal Relates to the Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit

Tax credits are amounts of money directly affecting your tax obligation, and are deducted from the amount you owe. Dollar for dollar, they have a bigger impact on your bottom line than other write-offs, like itemized deductions. Historically, the government has used potential tax credits to help homeowners afford higher-quality building materials and appliances with eco-friendly features.

The Residential Energy-Efficient Property Credit – the main tax credit often used for geothermal HVAC systems – applies to both income and minimum tax obligations, and any portion of the credit exceeding a homeowner’s current year tax debt can be rolled over for future years. There are some stipulations however, so do your due diligence before you start digging.

Here are a few of the guidelines:

• Only qualified geothermal heat pump installations will be covered under the credit.
• The credit will cover up to one-third of the total cost.
• Homeowners can only use the credit for work on their own residences versus rental properties.
• Also, the credit applies to new construction and to modifications to existing property.

Contact us to learn how to save 30% off your geothermal installation.

Describing the Components of a Geothermal System Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Is a geothermal system really that complex? You might be surprised.

Describing the Components of a Geothermal System

Geothermal heating and cooling systems can be amazingly simple. For the amount of money and energy they save in the process of keeping your home comfortable, you might expect an intricate and expensive setup. It really doesn’t have to be complicated though, making your home’s switch to green processes much easier than expected.

How Geothermal HVAC Setups Work

Geothermal systems circulate liquid through a series of pipes running from your home to several feet underground, where temperatures stay around 60 degrees. Once the liquid reaches that temperature, it returns to your home, where it warms or cools your indoor air, depending on the temperature aboveground.

This collection of polyethylene pipes and the liquid they circulate is called an “earth loop”. Because it takes heat from belowground and transfers it into your home, or vice versa, it can also divert some of that heat in order to heat your water or warm your floors with radiant flooring systems.

Compare all of that to a typical air conditioner, which burns energy like electricity or gas in order to artificially cool the air in your home.

According to the US Department of Energy, you can spend as much as 80 percent of your monthly utility bills on heating and cooling. A green system using heat displacement vs. cold air creation significantly cuts your energy use and your costs.

Combining a geothermal system with other green housing options is also an excellent way to create comfort while cutting back on waste. Solar and wind power, geothermal heating and cooling, and recirculating your grey water are easy, inexpensive ways to make your home comfortable at the lowest possible cost.

Call 843.651.6000 for a geothermal consultation today.

Take Advantage of the Most Readily Available Source of Energy with a Geothermal System Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can geothermal take green living to a whole new level?

Take Advantage of the Most Readily Available Source of Energy with a Geothermal System

Geothermal heating and cooling cuts costs and emissions while keeping your home just the right temperature. These systems also help you heat your water with free energy, lowering your maintenance expenses even more. Tap into the power of Mother Nature with an ultra-green geothermal energy setup from Carolina Temperature Control.

Comfortable Indoor Air from the Ground Up

Geothermal works by tapping into the Earth’s natural heating and cooling resources underground. Several feet underground, the temperature stays just under 60 degrees. Geothermal HVAC systems push either water or a specially designed HVAC fluid through pipes into the ground under your home, where that steady 60 degrees either cools or heats it. It then flows back into your home, where it cools or heats the air.

Often, your geothermal unit alone will be sufficient to warm or cool your home. In situations where you need a backup HVAC device, you’ll still wind up using much less energy because you’ll only be changing the temperature of the air by a handful of degrees. That’s why these systems typically save up to 70% of traditional comfort costs.

Any additional energy you need can be sourced through the public grid for natural gas and electricity, or can be generated by solar panels, a wind turbine, or various other green methods. In addition, because it already warms your air, a geothermal unit can also be used to heat your water.

Geothermal is an energy source independent of the weather. It’s easy and affordable to tap for heating and healing help. Want to reap the free energy right beneath your home? Schedule a service or geothermal consultation with the experts at Carolina Temperature Control today. 

The Most Impactful Ways to Customize a Diesel Generator Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can diesel generators be customized for your business needs?

The Most Impactful Ways to Customize a Diesel GeneratorWhether your business operates on- or offline, you can benefit from the customizable features of a diesel generator. Don’t let power outages steal your profits. Keep customers happy and your operations secure with a backup utility source.

Suitable for Your Weather

Along the coast, we know how important it is to plan for sea water and the effects of ocean spray. The diesel generators we stock can hold up to the stress of saltwater. You won’t be at risk for undue wear and tear. Surprise rust won’t be an issue because we’ve carefully selected models prepared for the weather conditions in this area. Likewise, if you’re planning to do business in a different climate, we can order a model capable of handling the conditions in your new locale.

Suitable for Your Surroundings

If you’re operating in a garage at the end of a lonely dirt road, what the neighbors hear may not be a big concern. People working in office buildings or from the comfort of their suburban homes have different priorities. Sound, and the ability to continue powering your business without bothering violating peace laws, is a big concern for many people. We have access to quiet models you can use in any professional environment.

Suitable for Your Electrical Setup

Diesel generators can be specially wired to run off the natural gas already delivered to your business, or they can be customized to work with LP fuel when available. These options help cut back on waste and spillage, but they aren’t necessary to run a generator. They’re simply examples of other convenient customization options enabling us to create a backup power source perfect for your business.

Carolina Temperature Control can design the best diesel generators for your commercial needs. Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service.

It's Time to Get Your Ducts in a Row with Reliable Duct Cleaning Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can duct cleaning lower your bills and prevent breakdowns?It's Time to Get Your Ducts in a Row with Reliable Duct Cleaning

Regular duct cleaning can help you preserve your heating and cooling systems. It helps keep your indoor air cleaner too, as long as you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately for DIY fanatics, this may be a job best left to the experts. Performed incorrectly, this task can create big problems for you and your home.

More Efficient HVAC Equipment

When your home’s ductwork is filled with dust and debris, your heater and air conditioner have to work twice as hard to pump air through your home. It takes more energy to heat or cool a house with dirty vents and airways too. Your HVAC equipment winds up working longer and not doing as good of a job. All this extra wear and tear results in frequent repairs and you’ll have to replace your equipment sooner than normal.

Keeping your ducts clean is an easy way of making your furnace and air conditioner last as long as possible. It also cuts down on your immediate bills. Not only will you use less energy to cool and heat your home, but you won’t be pestered by the need for regular repairs.

When Duct Cleaning is Performed Poorly

Unfortunately, cleaning your ducts out the wrong way can cause serious issues for your home and your health. Carolina Temperature Control has equipment meant specifically for clearing contaminants from the inner airways of your home. Using the wrong tools, or using them in the wrong way, can damage your vents and ductwork, causing leaks and creating gaps for pests, moisture and other problems to enter your HVAC system.

For more information on the benefits of professional duct cleaning, check this out.

Two Biggest Benefits of a Good Air Cleaner Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Find out which air cleaner is right for your home.

Two Biggest Benefits of a Good Air CleanerAn electric air cleaner can go a long way in neutralizing the pollutants in your home. It’s important to invest in an air filtration device if you spend a lot of time indoors. Dust, pollen, and other allergens can make life miserable all year long. Keep your family safe and comfortable with help from an affordable and easy-to-use appliance. Here are a few big benefits to using a quality air cleaner.

1. Air Filtration to Your Specifications

Getting a run-of-the-mill air filter from the hardware store may alleviate some of your problems, but working with an HVAC shop will give you access to the latest and greatest devices available. You also have the benefit of finding specialized equipment designed to clean specific pollutants from your home.

Carolina Temperature Control has the tools and knowledge to air circulating throughout your house and detect which contaminants are causing problems. Those details allow us to design the perfect system for servicing your home. Make sure every dollar you spend on an air cleaner counts by relying on quality HVAC brands like Trane instead of whatever is available on a store shelf. Professional units have shown the ability to clean up to 99.98 percent of contaminants from your home’s air.

2. Enjoy Professional Guarantees

Unfortunately, many of the small appliances sold in stores are made by fly-by-night companies. They don’t have the same kinds of warranties or guarantees held by reputable manufacturers. Once you find the best air filtration system around, make sure it lasts by securing a suitable warranty. Take time to understand the terms, too, so you can fairly compare one product to another. This lets you get the most from your money, from Day One throughout several years of use.

Doing business with the pros really pays off when it comes to purchasing a high quality air cleaner. Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service.

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