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Feeling the Heat? The 3 Most Common Reasons for AC Repair During the Dog Days of Summer Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Why the EPA Warns Homeowners of These AC Repair Emergencies

http://www.orangetrucks.com/hvac-blog/feel-the-heat-the-3-most-common-reasons-for-ac-repair-during-summer Know how to spot common AC repair emergencies? The EPA gives homeowners a heads up with a list of the most common problems you could run into this summer. How does your system stack up? You may need to schedule a visit with a qualified HVAC technician in order to find out.

1. Dirty Filters, Coils, and Sensors

Despite the push toward preventative maintenance, homeowners still find themselves in financial trouble due to basic dirt and grime. Dirty coils and filters force your system to work double-duty, wasting loads of energy and wearing parts down early. Dirty filters pollute your indoor air, and dirty sensors prevent your AC from blowing as cold as necessary.

2. Electrical Failure

While many homeowners have the ability to unclog drainage pipes and clear leaves from exhaust, not everyone knows how to check electrical wiring to ensure it’s still good. If your system isn’t starting or isn’t responding to your thermostat settings, you may have an electrical problem. Additionally, when your system runs for short bursts of time, it could signal the electrical failure of an AC component. It’s critical to get a repair technician on-site immediately to prevent against potential fires.

3. Refrigerant Problems

When your air conditioner was installed, the technicians added a certain amount of refrigerant to help it sufficiently cool your home. Unfortunately, if the fluid was too high or too low or if you developed leaks over time, your AC will struggle to perform well. When someone talks of having their Freon charged, or having overcharged refrigerant, it refers to these levels being too high or too low. Balancing these levels and identifying and sealing the source of your leak highly improves the efficiency of your HVAC system.

With air conditioner repair, the sooner you get on mechanical problems, the easier and more affordable it is to find solutions. Keep an eye out for these common troubles today, or schedule a maintenance visit with a repair shop. Preventative maintenance can ensure you’ve got one of the few homes with reliable air conditioning all summer.

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