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Audits Aren't Just for the IRS! How a Home Energy Audit Can Reduce Your Air Conditioner Cost Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How much does your air conditioner cost, really?

Energy Audit

How much of your air conditioner cost is really put to use? As HVAC equipment ages, it requires maintenance to stay operating at peak performance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your utility bill can be as much as 60 percent air conditioning expense even when your system is running as optimally as planned. How much do you spend when it’s in need of adjustments or repairs?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a homeowner to know exactly when help is needed. An energy audit can not only tell you when help is needed, but it can pinpoint certain areas to be addressed to save you money and energy. Done periodically over the years, a home energy audit by Carolina Temperature Control can help you make the most of every dollar you spend on heating and cooling costs.

How Do Home Audits Save Money?

CTC thoroughly investigates how you use energy, sometimes coming back to you with surprising results. You may discover you have device chargers running double-time and soaking up precious wattage, or tests could show that your AC system is under attack due to leaky ductwork or gaps in your insulation that allow cooled air to escape.

Without plugging these holes, your HVAC system will work overtime trying to keep your home cool, costing you to spend senseless amounts of money, while creating pollution and unnecessarily wearing your system down. Taking the advice CTC gives you based on their inspection, and you can save a significant amount of money.

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