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The Best Ways to Protect Your Home Heating and Cooling This Fall Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can you maximize your heating and cooling costs?

Heating and CoolingBefore you suffer heating and cooling breakdowns, invest in preventative maintenance checks through a reliable HVAC company. Carolina Temperature Control has a trustworthy and talented staff that can help you spot problems before they cost you big money. In addition, these visits include system adjustments that will improve system efficiency, maximizing the services you get for every dollar spent.

DIY vs. Professional Preventative Maintenance

We know people from the Grand Strand take pride in their homes and are used to doing what it takes to keep them in good condition. Maintaining your HVAC system is fairly easy. Staying up-to-date on the latest maintenance methods, upgrading equipment to take advantage of effective, new techniques and having the specialized training to notice warning signs, however, takes special training.

We know how frustrating it can be to hire out what seems like a simple task, so you can count on CTC maintenance trips to remain affordable. If we see something worth repairing or if your system is due for replacement, we’ll give you an honest opinion. You just don’t have to worry about surprising fees or being pestered by requests for unnecessary repairs. In fact, CTC’s Blue Protection maintenance plan includes a 15 percent discount in labor and parts, just in case we find any problems.

Let us put our talent to use in safeguarding your home for the cold months ahead. Schedule a preventative maintenance visit today. Sign up for one of our maintenance plans for long-term security and savings.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service when – or before – your heating and cooling service falters.

What HVAC Companies Will Tell You About Your Energy Loss Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can HVAC companies help you save money?

Utility Costs for HVAC

If your utility costs are spinning out of control, experienced HVAC companies can help you bring them back under control. With the help of an energy audit, you can find out where your money is going, in terms of energy use and efficiency. Are you paying to heat and cool the great outdoors or are leaks in your ductwork releasing conditioned air into the wrong areas of your home? Is a build-up of pressure keeping your furnace from heating your home, or is a sensor placed in the wrong place for accurate temperature control? An audit helps solve those mysteries.

When Quality Counts

The one caveat to hiring HVAC companies to perform an energy audit is, of course, an issue of quality. Experienced and reputable businesses can complete thorough audits in just a few hours. They employ trained, certified technicians with an eye for red flags associated with everything from bad wiring to gaps in insulation. More importantly, they have the equipment needed to follow up on those concerns to quickly prove or disprove them.

Audit Recommendations

If your energy use is spiking, there’s a reason, so expect the audit to come back with specific problems calling for adjustments or repairs. These can be very simple, such as switching the brand of air filter you use, or you could be encouraged to replace your HVAC system for a newer, more efficient model before it breaks down. You don’t have to worry about a reputable company encouraging unnecessary repairs. They’ll be too busy addressing your real problems.

Contact us to hire one of the best HVAC companies in the area to check the health of your heating and cooling system.

Audits Aren't Just for the IRS! How a Home Energy Audit Can Reduce Your Air Conditioner Cost Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How much does your air conditioner cost, really?

Energy Audit

How much of your air conditioner cost is really put to use? As HVAC equipment ages, it requires maintenance to stay operating at peak performance. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, your utility bill can be as much as 60 percent air conditioning expense even when your system is running as optimally as planned. How much do you spend when it’s in need of adjustments or repairs?

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a homeowner to know exactly when help is needed. An energy audit can not only tell you when help is needed, but it can pinpoint certain areas to be addressed to save you money and energy. Done periodically over the years, a home energy audit by Carolina Temperature Control can help you make the most of every dollar you spend on heating and cooling costs.

How Do Home Audits Save Money?

CTC thoroughly investigates how you use energy, sometimes coming back to you with surprising results. You may discover you have device chargers running double-time and soaking up precious wattage, or tests could show that your AC system is under attack due to leaky ductwork or gaps in your insulation that allow cooled air to escape.

Without plugging these holes, your HVAC system will work overtime trying to keep your home cool, costing you to spend senseless amounts of money, while creating pollution and unnecessarily wearing your system down. Taking the advice CTC gives you based on their inspection, and you can save a significant amount of money.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service and help in lowering your air conditioner cost.

A/C Troubleshooting Basics: Different Steps for Different Types of Air Conditioners Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Do you need emergency tips capable of working with all types of air conditioners?

AC issues and quick repairSome troubleshooting basics work for all types of air conditioners, while others are more system specific. If your HVAC equipment isn’t cooling your home, and you don’t know where to start, give these ideas a try. Investing just a few minutes in DIY A/C repair could provide you immediate relief from the heat and prevent you from spending money on a professional maintenance visit.

A/C Unit Won’t Turn On

Among all types of air conditioners, the number one reason for all problems is improper use. First of all, make sure you have your thermostat set to the correct position. For instance, setting your unit to “Fan” continuously blows air through your home, while the “On” position only turns the fan on while your unit is cooling. If you have a programmable thermostat, you may have accidentally scheduled a heating cycle, so that your system won’t turn on even when you turn the temperature down. As you can tell, most of these are easy fixes to an uncomfortable situation.

A/C Cycles Off and On

A thermostat sensor located behind your A/C control panel may be to blame for your cooling system turning on and off quickly. Sometimes, simply bending this sensor toward the air entering the evaporative coil will help. Unfortunately, bad wiring may also be to blame for fast cycling. If a simple troubleshooting attempt doesn’t solve the problems, call a repair professional. Ignoring electrical worries can lead to more serious issues, like house fires.

Window Air Conditioners and Effectiveness

Chances are, if your window A/C unit is struggling to cool a room or two in your home, the model you’re using is the wrong size. Surprisingly, buying a bigger machine than you need can be just as bad as buying a model you know is too small. The air around your monster unit will get freezing and shut down your system before it’s thoroughly cooled the whole room. Carolina Temperature Control can help you pick out just the right equipment for your home.

Contact us today to find out how to stay cool all summer, no matter the temperature or the types of air conditioners you deal with on a daily basis.

Middle of the Night and You Need AC Service? What Can Happen When There's a Breakdown Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How can you find affordable last minute service for AC repairs?

Emergency AC RepairDid you remember to service your AC before the summer’s heat kicked in? If you didn’t prepare for the heat of summer, get ready for a possible breakdown. As your AC system works harder than usual to cool your home amidst rising temperatures, worn parts are at greater risk for giving in.

You’ll want a 24-hour, 7-day a week service to rely on if the worst happens, and make sure it’s a service you can trust to not take advantage of the seriousness of your situation.

Emergency AC Repair is No Luxury

Cool air is comfortable, and it can certainly make the difference between spending an annoying or relaxing night at home. Unfortunately, it’s also an essential part of staying healthy for sufferers with certain health problems. High blood pressure, asthma, and other chronic conditions can all be exacerbated by thick, humid heat. This can become even more disrupting when you’re trying to go to sleep.

If you’re responsible for someone with a health condition, you can’t waste time waiting for a repair shop to open at the start of the workweek or even until the next day. Carolina Temperature Control provides home and business owners in the area with a dedicated emergency line to ensure any heating and cooling problems get resolved quickly, before they endanger anyone’s health.

Whether you’re suffering from aching joints, sore lungs, or just a miserable amount of sweat, give CTC a call, day or night, for expert repair help. Call 843.651.6000 for 24-hour service for AC problems.

Feeling the Heat? The 3 Most Common Reasons for AC Repair During the Dog Days of Summer Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Why the EPA Warns Homeowners of These AC Repair Emergencies

http://www.orangetrucks.com/hvac-blog/feel-the-heat-the-3-most-common-reasons-for-ac-repair-during-summer Know how to spot common AC repair emergencies? The EPA gives homeowners a heads up with a list of the most common problems you could run into this summer. How does your system stack up? You may need to schedule a visit with a qualified HVAC technician in order to find out.

1. Dirty Filters, Coils, and Sensors

Despite the push toward preventative maintenance, homeowners still find themselves in financial trouble due to basic dirt and grime. Dirty coils and filters force your system to work double-duty, wasting loads of energy and wearing parts down early. Dirty filters pollute your indoor air, and dirty sensors prevent your AC from blowing as cold as necessary.

2. Electrical Failure

While many homeowners have the ability to unclog drainage pipes and clear leaves from exhaust, not everyone knows how to check electrical wiring to ensure it’s still good. If your system isn’t starting or isn’t responding to your thermostat settings, you may have an electrical problem. Additionally, when your system runs for short bursts of time, it could signal the electrical failure of an AC component. It’s critical to get a repair technician on-site immediately to prevent against potential fires.

3. Refrigerant Problems

When your air conditioner was installed, the technicians added a certain amount of refrigerant to help it sufficiently cool your home. Unfortunately, if the fluid was too high or too low or if you developed leaks over time, your AC will struggle to perform well. When someone talks of having their Freon charged, or having overcharged refrigerant, it refers to these levels being too high or too low. Balancing these levels and identifying and sealing the source of your leak highly improves the efficiency of your HVAC system.

With air conditioner repair, the sooner you get on mechanical problems, the easier and more affordable it is to find solutions. Keep an eye out for these common troubles today, or schedule a maintenance visit with a repair shop. Preventative maintenance can ensure you’ve got one of the few homes with reliable air conditioning all summer.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-hour AC repair service.

A/C on the Blink? Try These Top 3 A/C Troubleshooting Techniques from HVAC Experts Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

You don’t have to be an HVAC technician to get relief from all your problems.

Try These Top 3 A/C Troubleshooting Techniques from HVAC ExpertsYour HVAC technician plays an important role in the health of your home’s heating and cooling equipment. But that doesn’t mean a professional is always needed to solve your problems. There are a few common hiccups you can handle on your own. Some serve as permanent solutions, while others will keep you going until a technician can get to your home.

1. When Your AC Won’t Start

In the sweltering South Carolina heat, it makes sense to panic when your air conditioner is on the blink, but there are several reasons your AC might not start. First, check the breaker or fuse to your unit. If electricity isn’t getting to your system, it won’t turn on. Also make sure your thermostat is running. Your air conditioner won’t start without being told it’s too hot in your home.

If you’re still not getting any response when you turn the temperature down, make sure the vents are cleared of leaves and other debris. Also make sure all service panels are sealed correctly. Sometimes, when changing a filter, it’s easy to forget to shut the filter compartment completely, and your system will refuse to turn on.

2. When Your Air Conditioner Runs for a Very Long Time

If there’s a problem with your air conditioning turning off and on, it’s usually that it’s going through those cycles too quickly. This “short cycling” is a warning sign that you need immediate repairs. But the opposite – that your AC is always running – is a warning that you can try tackling yourself. This might be a sign you need to change your filter or switch to a filter with a different design. Thick, dense filters can make your system work harder than normal to cool your home.

3. When Your AC Won’t Cool Your Home

Often, this is a sign of a serious problem requiring the help of a qualified HVAC technician. However, the cause could be much simpler than you think. If your outdoor AC unit is filled with weeds, leaves, or other debris, it may be too dirty to run sufficiently. A high-powered hose can help you clear obstructions out of the way, allowing air and blades to move freely.

Your heating and cooling system requires seasonal maintenance and can seriously drain your budget when you let problems get worse. Still, there are a few times when an HVAC technician isn’t needed to get or keep your system up and running. Try these fixes before you schedule repairs, but if they don’t work, don’t delay calling a trusted repair shop for help.

Call Carolina Temperature Control at 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour Service performed by our trained and experienced HVAC technicians.

Don't Risk a Mid-Summer Meltdown: What You Need to Know About Emergency HVAC Repair Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Why HVAC Repair Needs to be Done Fast

Don't Risk a Mid-Summer Meltdown: What You Need to Know About Emergency HVAC Repair

If you ignore your air conditioning problems, you’re taking risks like loss of service and greater HVAC repair costs. If you neglect them, these existing problems with your heating and cooling systems can get much worse in very little time. Follow these tips to prevent your need for repairs from getting out of control:

Hire Professional Maintenance

The average homeowner will miss issues – but some of these issues can balloon into a catastrophe-causing problem. And the average homeowner may do a quick patch job when what they really need is a longer-term solution.

Don’t risk the life of your system by doing it yourself or asking a buddy for help. If worse comes to worst, your whole system will crash in the thick of South Carolina’s summer heat. Leave it to the pros to get your air conditioning up and running again and to perform seasonal maintenance.

Address Problems Immediately

Carolina Temperature Control prides itself on offering Grand Strand residents and businesses emergency 24-hour, 7-day a week repair services. We’ll correct your problems day or night, and quickly return your home to a cool, relaxing, inviting oasis.

Give us a call as soon as you realize your HVAC system is struggling, and in no time, one of our orange trucks will arrive at your property. You can also get a jumpstart on these issues by scheduling preventative maintenance at any time during the season.

Ask About Upgrades

Advancements in HVAC technology have provided air filtration, humidity, zone control, and other features used to improve the climate in your home. They also do a good job of reducing the stress on your system. During your next visit, ask your technician what adjustments are recommended for your air conditioner or furnace.

If you’re having difficulties keeping your indoor environment comfortable, schedule an emergency service or maintenance call today. Act now before worn parts or necessary adjustments lead to your system breaking down.

Schedule HVAC repair with Carolina Temperature Control now.

Doing HVAC Repairs the Right Way Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

How much does bad HVAC repair work cost you in the long run?

Doing HVAC Repairs the Right Way

Experienced HVAC repair is essential to staying comfortable all summer long. Have access to cool air when you need it the most. Make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job when your unit breaks down.

When Do You Need HVAC Repair?

Don’t wait until your cold air stops flowing to get help. Many large AC problems can be prevented with early maintenance checks. These checks allow technicians to survey your system for clogs or worn parts. These kinds of issues make for a lagging performance, wasting fuel, and delivering subpar results.

Getting help before a tired air conditioner breaks down completely can prevent major discomfort and ultimately the failure of your system. If worn parts are allowed to break, for instance, it will likely be during a heat wave when it’s expected to run at full capacity. This is when many units go down, and so you may be left waiting for a shop to get a space open. You may also be stuck relying on a shop offering substandard services.

Fix it Right the First Time

When you need repairs for your HVAC system, Carolina Temperature Control can be trusted to do the job correctly. Do business with a repair shop with years of service and a reputation of excellence. CTC has operated in the Grand Strand area since 1983 for a very good reason. We make your investment count.

Call 843.651.6000 for 24-Hour HVAC repair service.

Don’t Let Your Adventure Suffer Because You Don't Have a Backup RV Generator Posted By: Carolina Temperature Control

Backup generators keep the ball rolling when your RV has come to a stop.

Don’t Let Your Adventure Suffer Because You Don't Have a Backup RV Generator

Backup generators are essential when you’re traveling by RV. You don’t know when you’ll wind up in an area without electrical hook-ups. You also can’t be sure when your RV’s battery is at risk for going down, leaving you stranded with no way to get in touch with anyone. Generators give you the juice you need to run emergency equipment, as well as enjoy the luxuries of life while traveling through the great outdoors.

Prioritize Low-Noise Backup Generators

If you’re staying in an RV park or boon docking near a business or home, running a noisy generator is out of the question. Your neighbors will get upset and before you know it, you’ll be asked to move along. Avoid alienating your fellow travelers by buying a quiet backup energy system for your RV.

CTC has access to many top-quality, quiet units running off a variety of fuel sources. We also have the experience to offer advice on the best models and features for the area you’re intending to visit. Everything from corrosion to condensation is a factor when you’re on the road. Avoid some common pitfalls by working with our team of trusted pros when selecting backup generators.

Click here to see our latest selection of backup generators.

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