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Heating Preventative Maintenance

Extend Your Heater's Lifespan 

If you had to handle all the tasks involved in heating preventative maintenance for your system on your own, it might feel like a full-time job! There’s a lot to do, a lot to know, and a lot that can go wrong without the proper training and years of experience.

Good thing that Carolina Temperature Control’s team of heating and air conditioning maintenance experts is just a phone call away. We’ve provided excellent installation, repair, and maintenance services to your friends and neighbors in the Grand Strand, Horry, Georgetown, and surrounding area since 1983. Our licensed specialists can work with any make and model of HVAC equipment, and are committed to making sure you get the longest life possible from your system.

While taking care of your heating equipment, we will put our thirty-plus years of know-how to work for you. We take all the necessary steps to ensure your heating unit is in great shape all year long, so it is ready to heat your house when the winter season arrives.

Take the Chill Off with Home Heating Preventative Maintenance

Many people flock to the Grand Strand area each winter to escape frigid temperatures, dreary days with gray skies, snow, and ice. Whether you’re a snow bird or live here year-round, you want your home to be comfortable and cozy even on the chilliest day. While we don’t get much snow here, we sure can get some cold days during the winter.

The last thing you want is to wake up expecting your home to feel warm and comfortable – and to have a shock as you put your feet onto ice-cold floors, the first sign your heater isn’t working. By having preventative maintenance performed on your heating system each autumn, you’ll know your heater is ready for the coldest days of winter.

Routine upkeep is the best plan for keeping your system running well, while also avoiding costly repairs and the hassle of arranging for emergency service. By getting onto a preventative maintenance plan with Carolina Temperature Control, you’ll know you’ve taken excellent care of your system, giving it every advantage it needs to run perfectly for years to come. Preventive upkeep will catch any signs of trouble – big or small – that can cause costly repairs if not dealt with right away.

Call Carolina Temperature Control at (843) 651-6000 now to ask for a visit from our heating preventative maintenance team. You’ll get excellent service delivered right to your front door in a bright orange truck.

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