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Geothermal Tax Credits

Helping You to Save Even More Money

Once you have explored the world of geothermal energy and all of the cost-saving, energy-saving benefits it offers, you will be even more happy to find out about geothermal tax incentives you can receive. The government is currently offering significant energy tax credits, now through 2016. You’ll benefit from receiving up to 30% back on your tax return for installing geothermal systems in ‘qualifying’ homes, including your primary home or a second home – both in new and existing construction.

It’s all part of the American Recovery and Investment Act of 2009, the goal of which is to give taxpayers savings, rebates, and other incentives as they make eco-friendly improvements to their homes. It also rewards businesses as they switch to alternative energy sources.

How Can Carolina Temperature Control Help You with Geothermal Tax Incentives?

Even though there’s much talk about tax incentives for switching to geothermal and alternative energy sources, not every HVAC contractor knows about them or how to get them. At Carolina Temperature Control, we can help you take advantage of every bit of savings possible.

Not only do we know the ins and outs of these complex tax incentive programs, we’re also able to guide you on getting the most benefit from your geothermal system. It’s our famous customer service and decades of experience that make us the geothermal provider your friends and neighbors trust most in the Myrtle Beach, Murrells Inlet, Garden City, Surfside, Pawleys Island and surrounding area.

While the clock doesn’t run out until December 31st, 2016 for geothermal tax rewards, today is the best day to start your transition and start saving. Contact the geothermal experts at Carolina Temperature Control today. Call 843-651-6000

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