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Geothermal Products

The Finest in Geothermal Heat Pumps

Who would think such a simple idea – heating your home or office with geothermal products using the power of the sun and earth – would require such brilliant technology to become possible? Geothermal is such a perfect answer for those who want to heat and cool by using renewable resources instead of fossil fuels, to help create a cleaner environment, and to enjoy significant savings on monthly utility bills.

Carolina Temperature Control is proud to sell, install, and service WaterFurnace geothermal products. We will happily help you determine whether geothermal is a match for your needs, and which type of equipment will work best. Before we meet, though, you’ll probably want to learn a bit about your WaterFurnace options.

WaterFurnace offers three basic configurations in their geothermal heating and cooling systems. Each variety is designed with extremely high efficiency and energy savings in mind. Because of how they’re designed, they also are likely to qualify you for tax credits and savings through the Energy Star program.

Geothermal Products:
• The All-in-One System
These geothermal systems provide heat in the winter, cooling in the summer, and comfort all year long. This configuration is an excellent replacement for traditional HVAC systems with an indoor furnace and an outdoor air conditioner.

• Geothermal Split Systems
The split system is ideal for heating and cooling either an entire home or individual zones. This is the most flexible system for installation because it can be installed with a remote air handler. You can also turbo-charge this system by using it with a fossil fuel furnace on especially cold days.

• Geothermal Hydronic Systems
The hydronic system is designed to heat and cool water to use in radiant in-floor heating, water heaters, and melting snow and ice. It features a modular design and makes capacity matching and staging with your geothermal system easy.

Carolina Temperature Control is proud to offer WaterFurnace geothermal equipment, which has been available since 1983, the same year we opened our business. Known for quality design, durability, and efficiency, it’s no wonder WaterFurnace is the geothermal provider we recommend most.

If you’re considering making the switch to geothermal, call Carolina Temperature Control with your questions today. Call 843-651-6000.

Wondering about geothermal tax credits and incentives?

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