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Attic/Crawlspace Insulation

Keep Warm and Cool Air In

Attic/Crawlspace Insulation

Who wants to pay to heat or air condition the great outdoors? Nobody! But without enough insulation in your house's attic or crawl space, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re throwing money out the window.

Carolina Temperature Control offers full attic and crawl space insulation services for homes and offices in the Grand Strand, Horry, Georgetown, and surrounding areas. Our insulation specialists will come out and do a thorough inspection of the insulation you have now. We’ll report back to you with recommendations about installing or replacing your insulation so it meets the current standards from the Department of Energy on energy efficiency.

Save Money with Professional Attic and Crawl Space Insulation

You might even qualify for tax credits offered to homeowners and businesses that invest in insulation, adding to your savings even further. Never again will the winter winds drive cold air in from the outdoors, or the summer sun leach your cooled air out through leaks in your insulation. You spend enough on your energy bill – you deserve to keep that comfortable air inside.

At Carolina Temperature Control, we understand that making your house as energy- efficient and cost-effective as possible is a priority for you. Our goal is for every home and business in our area to be as comfortable as possible, and we’ve been doing our part since 1983. Ask your friends and neighbors who they recommend, and they’ll tell you there’s no better choice than Carolina Temperature Control.

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