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Preventative Maintenance

Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

Of course you want to get the longest life possible out of your air conditioning unit – there are so many things you’d rather spend your money on than replacing your cooling system. Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your unit is working effectively and will continue to do so, year after year.

Air conditioning preventative upkeep gives your system what it needs to run in peak operating condition, keeping your home or business cool and comfortable all summer long. Equally important, preventative maintenance protects your wallet from numerous, pricey repair expenses that are nearly guaranteed for any system that’s not maintained properly. Carolina Temperature Control's certified experts provide customized upkeep services for your cooling system, making sure it’s ready to keep you cool no matter how hot it gets outside.

When those hot summer days and nights arrive, the last thing you want is to have to worry about whether your air conditioning system will be able to keep up with the demands it’ll face. Preventative maintenance from Carolina Temperature Control will give you peace of mind that your system is in optimal operating condition all year long, which means you get to spend your days enjoying our beautiful summers, rather than worrying about your air conditioner.

Carolina Temperature Control Offers No-Hassle Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

It’s no wonder people neglect to perform the regular maintenance required to keep an HVAC unit running smoothly. The list of tasks involved in upkeep is long, requires supplies and tools most people don’t have, and you’d also need to know what to look for, what to listen for, and how to do everything on the maintenance checklist.

That’s why your friends and neighbors call Carolina Temperature Control for maintenance twice a year. They know that with one call, one of our highly-skilled, courteous technicians will drive up in one of our trademark orange trucks, ready to provide the excellent service we are famous for in the Grand Strand, Horry, Georgetown, and surrounding area.

We gladly service any make and model of equipment, take the time to answer your questions and provide recommendations, and always treat our customers with respect and courtesy. We take pride in making sure each one of our customers is delighted with our service.

Contact Carolina Temperature Control today to get onto a preventative air conditioning service plan. Call (843) 651-6000 now.

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